voucher codes who uses them

Voucher Codes – Who uses them?

Who uses voucher codes?

That’s right, believe it or not, there was a time when it wasn’t the most popular thing to use  voucher codes when doing your shopping online but things have now changed. Below is an infographic by Browser Media showing how discount and voucher codes are no longer a social taboo.

The Internet Advertising Bureau regulate advertising on the internet and they have been very useful in making sure there is law and order in the Voucher Codes world. The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is the UK trade association for digital advertising, representing most of the UK’s leading brands, media owners and agencies.

We can see from the infographic that most people get voucher codes when doing supermarket shopping. Other times of usage is for eating out (Dominos Pizza or Just Eat we imagine) or when people are doing clothes shopping. We all love the opportunity to save money which is why people are always on the hunt for discount codes, ranging from H&M to GoDaddy to Dominos Pizza.


Voucher Codes Infographic

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