the history of voucher codes

The History of Coupon Codes

The History of Coupon Codes

A long time ago (we’re talking about a looong time ago) coupons codes were created for physical use. Nowadays we see a few coupons here and there in the local newspaper or a letter from our supermarket rewarding us with coupons for our clubcard use but as time has gone past, coupon codes have now moved to be based predominantly online. But before the internet came along, people used coupons for their groceries, your weekly shop to get milk for the house resulted in using a coupon. With the rise of the internet, we don’t even have to step foot outside the house, with the touch of a few buttons and the use of a few coupon codes, we have our weekly shopping at our front door and if we get the right coupon codes, the delivery can be free!

The Evolution of the Discount and Coupon Codes

The Evolution of the Discount and Coupon Codes


The Evolution of the Coupon and Discount Codes created by

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