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Summer Activities on a Low Budget

Summer Activities On A Low Budget – With summer here one day, gone the next, we decided to make this post off the back of our other post, Top 10 things to do this Summer 2015. We know that Summer is fast approaching and so it’s about time we started to prepare for it. If you often see yourself bored during the summer then make sure this year you plan your summer out so that you’re not left wasting the days away. You’ll be shocked at the amount of free activities you could find in you local area with a quick search. For this post, we decided to work with a few bloggers to feature their suggestions on Summer Activities on a low budget.

Game of Bowling

That’s right! A good old game of bowling with your family or friends is always one for the summer. We have a special offer to feature from MFA Bowling where you can get 3 games for 4 people for just £13.99! Whether you are on a budget or not, that is an offer that cant be missed.

Check out the offer here

Cinema Trips

Even though the cost of going to the cinema has gone up over the years, it is always still a great option to go to the cinema this summer. This does depend on the cinema of your choice, some cinemas can charge up to £20 per person while some are as low as £5. There’s a great offer going on at the moment where you can get 3 ODEON tickets for just £12 and the tickets can be save up until June 16th so check out that offer and bank that one for the summer.

odeon groupon

Mother in London recommends – The Museum of London

Looking for something to do this summer on a budget? Why not learn more about the wonderful city you live in and head to The Museum of London! A short walk from Barbican tube station. Kids loved walking through the labyrinth of overground tunnels that lead to the museum from the station! Just follow the signs. Entrance is free, it is spacious, not as busy as the other museums, and the coffee shop (Benugo) makes a good cup of coffee and does a nice lunch box for kids (£5.99 for a sandwich, juice, cake & piece of fruit). There is a lot to see on the Great Fire of London, archaeological findings from under our beautiful city (which even my 4 year old found interesting) and the highlight was the ‘Paddington Bear” exhibition!

Leanne Cornelius from– A Slice of My Life Wales

Host a family barbecue, a fun family day without leaving the house!

Invite the family around for a relaxed barbecue, ask them to provide the drink and you provide the food. Dig out the swimming pool, the picnic blankets and clean the cobwebs off the barbecue. Make your own burgers, ideally with reduced mince meat, if you catch a shop at the right time you can pick up good mince reduced to silly prices, just the other day we paid 59p for a pack of lean beef mince and 10p for two bread rolls, our barbecue cost just 69p!

summer low budget bbq

Ben from has given his suggestion for this summer:

I do love to be beside the seaside

Call me old fashioned, but there can be few more enjoyable things to do in the Summer, than pack your own picnic, grab a blanket and some beach toys, before heading to the seaside. Further more, you can enjoy a day on the sand and in the sea with kids, friends or perhaps a first date. You’re sure to impress, providing the sun shines for you.


huts on the seaside

Hazel Newhouse from The Newhouse Family Spend Time with the Family

We love to spend the day as a family exploring our local open space, and of course taking a hearty picnic with us. We keep our picnic cost very low by preparing simple pastas, pizza slices, easy sandwiches and making our own energy boosting snacks, like flapjack! We are lucky to have a huge open field to walk along, that leads from our back gate to the next town, where there is a superb RSPB centre to walk around… all for free! The walk is just 2 miles there and once at the RSPB centre, we roll out a blanket and refuel. Then we play great games with our toddlers, such as finding bugs, remembering what certain trees are named and being as silent as we can in the bird hides, spotting our favourite feathered friends. Remember to pack sun cream for these hot summer days! Kids love adventures and nature, so get outdoors!

Sarah from Sarah Trademark has shared her tip:

Have a picnic

Do something fun with family or friends, like have a picnic in someone’s garden or local park and all bring your regular packed lunches so it won’t cost any extra! It is always great to spend time with people you love, especially as the weather gets nicer. Don’t forget sunscreen if you are outside in the sun for any length of time though!


Vanese from Vanz The Machine – Take a Road Trip

“Road trips are amazing. I personally find that sometimes summer can start to get a little tedious and it can be hard to think out of the box for things to do. There’s nothing like jumping into a car with friends or family and just hitting the open road with a playlist of your favourite songs on repeat. In the past I’ve been on a few family ones and we never pick a specific destination but just drive with the windows down and our favourite music to keep the spirits high. You don’t necessarily have to even be in a car, you can jump on public transport with your Spotify playlist on shuffle and just pick a random stop to get off and explore safely.”

We do hope this has given you a little inspiration or two for what to do this summer and if you still want more then check out our previous post, let the sun shine!

If you would like reserve a spot to feature in our next posts or write for us drop us an email – :) and we’ll be in touch with you.

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May 7, 2015 @ 13:32

Great Suggestions!!! Thank You. Especially keen on the Museum of London, thanks @motherinlondon ;=)

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