Telegraph Tablet Subscription March 2019

Enjoy The Telegraph on tablet, web and mobile for only £2 for your first 2 months


Enjoy The Telegraph on tablet, web and mobile for only £2 for your first 2 months of your Telegraph tablet subscription. That works out to just 25 pence each week! How much cheaper can it get before you pounce on the offer? You’ll be able to enjoy the latest news directly on the go, keeping you updated with breaking news all the way down to the latest football transfers.

With a Telegraph Tablet Subscription, you get to enjoy full access to The Telegraph’s award-winning journalism on tablet, web and mobile. Updated daily at 5am with in-depth tablet editions, you get to wake up to breaking news on mobile throughout your day not forgetting unlimited access to as well. With your Telegraph Tablet Subscription, you get to have The Telegraph at your fingertips on all your favourite devices. If that is not enough, their tablet apps include games! That means if you’re bored of reading news, you can train your brain with daily crosswords and Sudoku Monday-Saturday so there’s no reason to be bored during the day.

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Key Features of the Telegraph Tablet Subscription

  • The Telegraph tablet editions for iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows
  • Unlimited website access
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android
  • Updates at 5am in time for when you wake up (unless you wake up at 04:59)

The Telegraph Spring Sale is now live with 25% off an annual subscription to the Telegraph Tablet+ pack; saving you £25. For a limited time only you can get a 12 month subscription to Telegraph Tablet+ for just £75. Telegraph Tablet+ includes the daily tablet edition available on your iPad, Android, or Kindle Fire tablet every morning from 5am.

Telegraph Spring Sale


2 Months

Special Offer from The Telegraph


Telegraph Tablet Offer

Grab this Telegraph Tablet Offer before it’s gone, 2 months for a shocking £2! Available daily on your phone, tablet, laptop or online, whatever you like.

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