bPay Promo Codes February 2019

Barclays bPay Promo Codes February 2019

Get up to 25% off today when shopping online at the home of contactless device payment systems. It works in the same way as a contactless card. It’s safer than cash and just as secure as chip and PIN. Contactless devices have been on the rise in recent years, making headlines with the latest fintech technology. Get your hands on a bPay device and benefit from up to 25% off today.

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Up to 25% bPay Devices – Save up to 25% today when shopping online at bPay, the home of contactless device payment systems.

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Special Offer

bPay Wristband – Pick from either Black or Grey and get your hands on a bPay Wristband. Pay for anything up to the contactless limit wherever you see the contactless symbol.




bPay September 2017 10% Voucher Code

We’ve teamed up with bPay to get you an exclusive voucher code of 10% off this September. Use the code below and benefit from getting money off your order today.
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No need to thank us on this one!



At least 50% off at bPay

No joke! With Black Friday here benefit from at least 50% off bPay products today using the link below


33% Off

bPay Family

33% Off bPay Family Pack – RRP £59.97

The bPay family pack includes a charcoal wristband, fob and sticker.

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New bPay Loop – This fits neatly onto any watch or Fitbit and works in the same contactless manner as all bPay products.

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  • Up your game with the bPay loop – slide it onto your existing watch or fitness band to create a new way to pay
  • Discreetly hidden or a little more out-there, the loop can be fitted whichever way you choose
  • Pay quickly and securely for anything £30 and under, wherever you see the contactless symbol
  • You don’t have to be a Barclays or Barclaycard customer, link bPay to any Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card, registered to a UK address
  • Loop can be fitted to any compatible strap up to 22mm wide with an open buckle
  • No batteries needed for loop

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15% OFF

Exclusive Discount

Exclusive 15% bPay Promo Code

Get 15% off the total basket value of your bPay shop today when you use our exclusive discount code today. Just click below to reveal and the code will appear for you to use just like in the image below.

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Barclaycard bPay Promo Codes 2017

bpay how does it work

Welcome to the contactless world of bPay – giving you choice of how you pay and making buying fun, fast and secure. At the heart of it is a pre-paid account that links to most major credit or debit cards and can be used with any bPay device. bPay from Barclays are the first company to offer contactless payment devices to consumers so be the first to get on board with this ground-breaking technology.

What is bPay?
bPay is a digital wallet that’s linked to your device and is used to make payments up to the value of £30 at over 300,000 locations across the UK. Just hold your bPay device near a terminal to make it pay. It really is touch and go.

So, whether you’re grabbing lunch quickly on the move, heading out for the day or just stocking up on snacks and treats for a movie night, keep an eye out for the contactless symbol and simply touch to pay with bPay.

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Add items to your basket and the discount will be added automatically when we are running special campaigns.

Gone are the times when you were had to carry cash on the go; whether that was for a quick trip someone or you were simply just going out. With technology always improving, contact less payments without the need of cash has been on the rise! It’s simple, you just show your card or the device and tap it on the machines and boom… payment done. No need for your pin, no need for your card. bPay devices make the everyday purchase much easier as it’s linked with your credit/ debit cards. It’s also great in times of emergencies; when you leave your wallet at home, when your friend forgets their oyster (in London) and they need to get on the bus and more. If you’re looking to be more careful with your money then a bPay contactless device is perfect for you. You can preload it with the amount of money you need so you can be sure not to spend more than you anticipated.

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