Apple iPad Pro Contract Deals March 2019

Apple iPad Pro Contract Deals March 2019
iPad Pro is the largest and most powerful iPad so far, yet it’s only 6.9 millimetres thin and weighs just 713 grams!

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iPad Pro Contract Deals

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Apple iPad Pro is the biggest tablet ever introduced by Apple and this is what made Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, to say that launch of iPad Pro is the biggest news in iPad. He is right as iPad Pro is the largest of its predecessors. 12.9 inch screen size takes the tablet close to laptops but its sleek design keeps it in the category of Smartphones. Released with much fanfare at a full media even, the tablet will soon be available in the market.

Let’s see what the new iPad Pro has to offer


It is the first thing to notice. To know how big the iPad Pro is you can compare it with its predecessor that is iPad Air 2. The iPad Pro is 78% bigger than its predecessor but it is only 6.9mm thick and weighs only 1.57 pounds. iPad Pro is a handheld laptop and it can be used anywhere anytime. The big size can’t go unnoticed and on taking the tablet in your hands, you will feel how light it is. The second thing you will want to check is the display.


The big 12.9 inch display packs an advance multi-touch subsystem and 5.6 million pixels producing 2732 x 2048 resolution that is highest of the resolution of all the iPad devices launched by Apple till date. Just like, display quality of the iPad Pro is also a matter of interest. Lifelike colors and deeper blacks give unique viewing and working experience to the user. Whether it is photo editing, document viewing or playing 3D games, user experience can’t be better than the iPad Pro.


Apple A9X chipset is used in the iPad Pro and the new chipset is said to be 1.9 times faster than its predecessor. Apple also claims that the graphics processor power of the chipset is also higher in comparison to portable PCs. According to Apple, overall performance of iPad Pro as a computer is 80% faster than portable computers. It is the A9 chipset that gives uncompromising power to iPad Pro and makes in an incredible device. A9 is the third generation chip with 64 bit desktop class architecture.

iOS 9

It is the most advance mobile operating system of the world. Elegant interface, quick multitasking and plenty of built-in useful applications are some of the advantages of the iOS 9. And what is more important about the iOS is that it is developed for iPads. With iOS 9, user can easily slide over one application over another without losing touch with the first app. Split view allows user open two application side-by-side. Scale down the video to a corner with picture in picture feature and get shortcuts on your finger tip to access the main menu.

Audio Power

With four new built-in stereo sound speakers make the iPad Pro a home theater. Large screen with stereophonic sound effects turns into a theater the moment let lose the audio power of the iPad. But it is just a glimpse of the audio power the new iPad Pro packs. Users will be surprised to hear the sound quality coming from their iPads. The most astonishing thing about the audio of iPad Pro is that it can adjust the volume on how the device is held to give best listening experience. The experience will be more immersive as the iPad Pro will keep adjusting the volume level according to user’s needs.


Fast wireless connectivity is promised with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi+ Cellular model that supports different LTE brands. But the best thing is the built in Apple SIM that promises seamless connectivity when you are on the go and need data. Apple offers short term data plans for iPad Pro users. When a Wi-Fi spot isn’t available, you can switch to Wi-Fi+ Cellular service to stay connected to the virtual world.


iPad Pro’s iSight camera is so designed that everyone can take amazing pictures and also make superb videos from the iPad. The signal processor designed by Apple gives stunning results. Also the user can easily make time-lapse and slow motion videos in 720p HD. The larger viewfinder gives every detail and more clarity of the subjects. Sensor of the front facing camera is also improved to large display. The front camera is able to work perfectly even in low-light or backlit settings.



Apple is more concerned about security of data and for this reason it has used the best way to protect the data from being copied or stolen. Also the fear of forgetting password is removed. The iPad Pro receives no password other than the fingertip of the user. It senses the finger pore and the pressure and matches the finger pores with its database to recognize that the person trying to open the phonies the user.

Smart Keyboard

iPad Pro Deals

This is what gives the iPad Pro the look and feel of a portable PC. Attach the keyboard to the iPad Pro using smart connector and start typing. Users will need the keyboard to write mails, share documents and to communicate with their business and social contacts. It is easy to write with a keyboard but the iPad Pro keyboard can do more than simply typing letters and words.

Apple Pencil

The pencil opens new ways of using the iPad Pro. Sensitive to tilt and pressure, the pencil allows the user to give artistic effects to photos, give final touch to documents and also create artwork on the phone. From thinnest lines to highlight subtle details, the Apple Pencil is just perfect for making optimum use of the iPad Pro. It feels natural and it starts responding the moment the pencil is held in hands.

Battery Power

Apple iPad Pro packs a strong battery that keeps the device running for 10 hours in multimedia mode. Now there will be no looking at the battery power when using the iPad Pro. The user can switch on the device and start using the iPad Pro. Lightweight, sleek design, high-end technology and long lasting battery makes iPad Pro a must have device.

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