Saving money and increasing your disposable income

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Saving money and increasing your disposable income

Saving money and increasing your disposable income

Increasing our disposable income is something most of us want to do, the only thing we want to know is how we can make that happen. We’ve pulled together a few tips on how you can save money and build a better future for you and your loved ones.

A rainy day can come at any time – Now although nobody wants to have a rainy day, we have to understand that sometimes they may come and we need to know how to protect ourselves by having savings so that those around us do not get affected too. We often have this rule of saving 20% of your income before you do any spending. 20?!You may be thinking but yes, with the other 80%, use it to pay your bills, buy the groceries and whatever other expenses you have. Now if your income doesn’t allow you to save 20% and will leave you struggling during the month then point 3 is what you need.

Having multiple streams of income is much needed today. No longer can we rely on one source of income, our salary (Unless you’ve got a very high paying job with minimal expenses but that’s not the majority). You need to find other ways of getting income as that will ease the stress of paying bills with your salary and will leave you with more disposable income to use.

So now you’re looking to another stream of income, the question is, where do you go from there? We often hear that you should do something you love and the money will eventually follow which is true in most cases but even better is to solve problems and meet peoples demands. Is it not much better to have a solution to the needs of 100 people than to have something only 10 people want? That being said, the best option is to find what you love doing, check for the biggest demand in that industry and bring solutions.

Other ways in which you can make money can be by starting your own blog. While this may not generate you bucket loads of money straight away, what it will do is open up to the door for you to start making money soon. There are very few ways to make a large amount of money very quickly that is sustainable and that’s the reason why it’s better to build your way to success. In a building, the most important thing is the foundation, though it takes very long to complete. You need to spend time working on the foundation of any projects you have so that in the future it doesn’t all start to crumble before your eyes.

Being in debt is one thing you do not want to be in, those that have managed to overcome can testify how happy they currently are to have paid off their debts, the first sign is the wonderful sleep you have knowing that knock on the door will now stop. You should always aim to be on top of your finances and if you need any help, the Money Advice Service are always there to offer you advice and support.

We really do hope these tips have been beneficial for you, stay tuned as we will continue to bring you different ways on how you can save money and increase the amount of disposable income for you and your family.

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